Should Christians pray before mealtimes?

By  •  2 days ago

From time to time, I grab a meal with another Christian and when the food shows up, I dive right in. Sometimes, the people I am eating with look at me like I have just committed a grave, mortal sin.  What is my great sin?  Not praying before I took a bite.  It’s as it the […]


Helping the Powerless (00:39)

By  •  6 days ago

  Everyone has power to some degree and we should use it to point people to Jesus. This clip comes from the fourth message in the series, Wise Words, originally given at Riverview Church.  You can watch the entire message here.


Powerless You, Powerful God

By  •  1 week ago

There’s almost no worse feeling than powerlessness. I’m not talking about your phone taking its last gasps at 7%, I’m talking about true powerlessness–those moments when you lack the ability to control your own destiny, when you feel like there is nothing left in the battery of your own life. What do you do then? […]

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