Friday Random Linkness

Friday Random Linkness

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A month or so ago, I made a comment during my sermon on politics that my faith compels me to be both Pro Life and Pro Black Lives Matter.  The comment generated a decent amount of both thankfulness and criticism, primarily as it related to very real issues BLM is surfacing in our culture and the […]


Talk About Jesus (1:05)

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It’s easy to get caught up talking about ourselves. So when we are pointing people to Jesus, let’s make sure we are pointing people to Jesus and not ourselves. This clip comes from the second message in the series, Considering Jesus, originally given at Riverview Church.  You can watch the entire message here.


We are planting a church in Grand Rapids!

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One of our big priorities as a church is starting other churches.  Each year, we give 10% of our money directly toward church planting efforts from Lansing to some areas we can’t tell you about oversees.  Often, we support church planters we meet through Acts 29 or Collegiate Church Network (as we as other organizations) and as often as possible, we […]