Exploring the relentless grace of God directed at jacked-up people who don’t deserve it one bit.





On the one year anniversary of the Recovering Hypocrite podcast, Noel chats with his friend Trike about Halloween and the biggest reformation truth churches are missing today.









Episode 18 | 10/16/2019
Who’s got two broken arms and a podcast? This guy.

Noel talks about his recent injury and what God has been teaching him as he recovers. He also worries that the whole public reflection exercise is a tad narcissistic .


Episode 17 | 10/2/2019
Grace and Law in the Parables (a chat with Daniel Emery Price and Erick Sorensen)

Noel hangs out with a couple of his favorite Lutherans (Daniel Emery Price and Erick Sorensen) to chat about grace and law in the Parables of Jesus.


Episode 16 | 9/18/2019
Snowflakes, Satire, and Shame (a conversation with Karen Swallow Prior)

Noel sits down with Karen Swallow Prior (English Professor at Liberty University) for a wide-ranging conversation about reading, preaching, tweeting, and the common tonal qualities of Twitter and 18th Century England.



Irresistible Faith (Becoming the kind of Christian the world can’t resist) | An interview with Scott Sauls

On this episode, Noel talks with Scott Sauls, author of Irresistible Faith, about how you can’t become more Christlike by trying to be like Christ.

The Grace of God for the weeks before Easter

In this episode, Noel takes a stroll through the few weeks leading up to Easter in the Gospel accounts, highlighting specific acts of grace in Jesus’s actions and words.

Telling People to be Holy Doesn’t Lead to Holiness (Do we need another reformation?) | An interview with Elyse Fitzpatrick

On this episode, Noel talks about grace with his friend Elyse Fitzpatrick. They cover a lot of ground from the source of true strength in the Christian faith (spoiler alert: it’s joy) to the steel-toed boot of sanctification. It’s hard to explain this rambling conversation; you just have to listen to it.

Graceless Conversations About Race (when you don’t know what to say but you say it anyway) | An interview with Joel Muddamalle

On this episode, Noel chats with his friend Joel Muddamalle, the Director of Theology for Proverbs 31 Ministries about the touchy topic of race. They talk about how there is not enough grace in a lot of racial conversations, why there is a desperate need to lay down our tiredness and (justified) frustrations for the sake of unity in the body of Christ, and the pervasive shame that hitchhikes alongside good intentions.

When Social Media Turns On You (Living Your Faith In The Spotlight) | An interview with Michigan State University Quarterback Brian Lewerke

In this episode, Noel sits down with Brian Lewerke, the quarterback for Michigan State University’s football team. They talk about football, how he handles the inevitable criticism of someone in his position, and living out a public faith when social media turns on you.


Saving a “doomed” marriage (and making it gloriously ordinary) | An interview with New York Times bestselling author Karen Ehman

In this episode, Noel sits down to talk with Karen Ehman (a New York Times Bestselling author who was told her marriage was doomed before it even began) about her new book Keep Showing Up, a refreshingly transparent and honest look at marriage born from the crucible of Scripture and experience.

You’re a Wretch (and that’s okay) | Noel answers questions about his new book at a live event

For the debut episode of Season 2, Noel answers a bunch of questions at a live event about his new book Wretched Saintsincluding:
  • Why write this particular book after Unchained?
  • Can we ever live without something inside of us telling us we are doing our Christian life wrong?
  • Who was in mind when Noel wrote this book?
  • How does someone deal with a feeling of spiritual inadequacy?
  • Was the crazy definition of grace Noel used in the book developed as he wrote it or before?
  • Were Noel’s kids okay with him telling stories about them in the book?