Unintentional Sin

We think there will be leniency if we break the law...

By Noel Jesse

Article, Video

Jesus is Better

"I just don't wanna" melts away in the face of Jesus.

By Noel Jesse

Each one of us is created in the image of God. This means a great many things but first and...

Not many of us walk into marriage thinking, “I am about to preach a sermon” but that’s the...

We gain a fellow Christ follower back when we have successful repentance and forgiveness with one...

God speaks to us through the Word, and we speak to him through prayer.

Our obedience shows the world we have said "yes" to Jesus.

Your love and good works won't save you, but they will let people know you follow Jesus.

"To follow him is worth giving up everything."

What does a collection of 613 laws written for Israel have to do with us?

The CSB is the impressive new kid on the Bible block.

(adjective) chosen without method or conscious decision

Also, about Bathsheba's bad rep and Texas' big tires.

Forge ahead.

Too late to avoid looking at the sun, but don't forget to roll up your car windows.~





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