God’s Will Is Not A Bullseye (1:36)

Here are two questions to ask if you are seeking God’s will about a decision you need to make. View the full message:

By Noel Jesse


Switching to the CSB

Riverview just switched our default translation from the English Standard Version (ESV) to the Christian Standard Bible (CSB). Here’s why…

By Noel Jesse


There’s No Such Thing as a Little Bit of Grace

God’s grace sees you as fallen, broken, messy, and in need of a love that accepts you where you are.

By Noel Jesse


Hope In The Gospel (1:33)

“We have something bigger than this world. We have a hope that is locked in glory; the Gospel.”  View the full message.

By Noel Jesse

Faith isn’t just the beginning – it’s what starts everything and it’s what ends everything. It’s everything in between.

We are called to rank ourselves beneath God and His Scriptures, and in so doing, point others to Jesus.

God is going to work everything out. He has His eye on the big picture and our participation is vital.

The way of dealing with our arrogant hearts is an acknowledgement that I do not have control over what is happening in our life.

At the lowest seasons of our lives, we can hear the comforting parts of God.

Tear your hearts, not just your clothes, and return to the Lord your God.





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You picked the right time to fail.