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Do Justice, Love Kindness, Walk Humbly

Pastor Tyler St. Clair preaches on justice, kindness, and...

By Noel Jesse


Why do some Bible translations skip Matthew 18:11?

If you read through the book of Mathew in the ESV...

By Noel Jesse

God speaks to us through the Word, and we speak to him through prayer.

Our obedience shows the world we have said "yes" to Jesus.

Your love and good works won't save you, but they will let people know you follow Jesus.

When God looks at you, he sees Jesus.

Jesus's death covered all the sin that was or ever will be in the world.

Jesus took the wrath of God willingly, and said it was His cup to drink.

We’ve all been there. Someone does something to us that we consider hurtful. Sometimes they know...

Hey, everyone. Hope you had a great July! I enjoyed my low-tech month by doing a bit of reading...

For a lot of years now (seriously more than I can count), I have taken the month of July to do what...

Silence is golden. So is the sun (which you absolutely cannot stare at without eclipse glasses on...

Here's hoping you aren't offended by this post!

Happy Friday. Here are five random links I found for you.

Lots of weird words and other fantastical randomness this week.





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