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Noel hosts a biweekly podcast where he explores the relentless grace of God directed at jacked-up people who don’t deserve it one bit. Most of the time he has a guest, sometimes he just rambles alone. Click here to check out the archives or subscribe to the podcast.




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Most of the following clips are from recent messages given at Riverview Church in Lansing, Michigan. Click here to watch the full length versions.

When you forgive, you preach the Gospel to a hurting world.

Jesus is the one who gave up everything He had so that He could buy the treasure; you are the treasure.

One of the best opportunities you have to represent Jesus is when someone does you wrong.

I had a great time talking with Amber Boone about the shocking nature of God’s grace toward jacked up people like us.

Whatever it is you're searching for, the most desperate need you have is for Jesus to forgive you of your sins.

The good news of the Gospel is that Jesus came to set us free.




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Would Jesus trick or treat? Should we?

Each year during the Halloween season, as a Public Service, I repost Noel’s World Famous Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Recipe. You are welcome. It’s truly the least I can do.

The utter inability to let a verbal (or online) offense go is becoming one of the defining traits of our generation and that is tragic because taking an offense well is a picture of the Gospel of Jesus.

I'm taking the month of July off of social media and I can't wait.

God’s grace is more than just a classic chorus, or a passive good will. It’s the power that invades the ugliest parts of our souls.

Bad leaders repel young leaders, good leaders raise up young leaders, and great leaders launch young leaders.

God’s grace sees you as fallen, broken, messy, and in need of a love that accepts you where you are.

We need courageous church planters who are willing to go to rural places in the name of Jesus.