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Silence is golden. So is the sun (which you absolutely cannot stare at without eclipse glasses on Monday).

Pastor Tyler St. Clair preaches on justice, kindness, and mercy.

If you read through the book of Mathew in the ESV translation of the Bible you may notice something odd: there’s no Matthew 18:11.  In fact, you won’t find the verse in the New International Version (NIV) or the New Living Translation (NLT) either.  The New American Standard Version puts it in parenthesis which...

We’ve all been there. Someone does something to us that we consider hurtful. Sometimes they know they hurt us (and the depth of the hurt) and sometimes they don’t. In that moment (and in the critical moments that follow) we have a bunch of decisions to make that can set the relationship into a tailspin or a gospel...

Here's hoping you aren't offended by this post!

Hey, everyone. Hope you had a great July! I enjoyed my low-tech month by doing a bit of reading (I’ll put a list of books I read this month at the bottom of this post in case you care about that sort of thing), a bit of baseball travel, and a bit of nerding out on the differences between translations of the Bible (more...

Happy Friday. Here are five random links I found for you.

Lots of weird words and other fantastical randomness this week.

This week's FRL has me thinking and funking.

God speaks to us through the Word, and we speak to him through prayer.