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Jesus Wins by Dayton Hartman is the end times book I have been looking for.

When your thinking contradicts what God says, who moves? Do you move? Or does God move?

We must acknowledge sin as sin before the dawn can rise in our lives as Jesus brings us from darkness to the light of His salvation.

When you forgive, you preach the Gospel to a hurting world.

On the one year anniversary of the Recovering Hypocrite podcast, Noel chats with his friend Trike about Halloween and the biggest reformation truth churches are missing today.

Would Jesus trick or treat? Should we?

Each year during the Halloween season, as a Public Service, I repost Noel’s World Famous Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Recipe. You are welcome. It’s truly the least I can do.

Jesus is the one who gave up everything He had so that He could buy the treasure; you are the treasure.