It's worse than you think.

Sexual Assault and the Scandal of Repentance – The Gospel Coalition “The Church is the peculiar society that insists that certain acts the world finds praiseworthy are sinful, while certain sins the world finds unforgivable can be wiped away.” Laptops Are Great. But Not During a Lecture or a Meeting. “A growing body of...

We give because we are on the same mission as Jesus. This clip is from a message on 1 Chronicles called Three Houses. You can watch the entire message here.

The best story the world will ever know.

Jesus is the ultimate answer to the question, “does anyone see me, does anyone care?”

How long are you going to wait to decide what it is that you believe?  This clip is from a message on 1 Kings called “How Long will you Limp?” You can watch the whole message here.

Gatklettur Iceland

The secret about a secret is that your secret ain’t a secret.

To a place where violence, persecution, cruelty, and hatred won't ever touch us again.

We don’t have to be on this journey of self-deception any longer.