It feels wrong to take the month of July off of social media so that probably means I'm doing the right thing.

A podcast episode about why joy is a necessary and commanded attribute of a follower of Jesus, how COVID19 is impacting our joy, and why we desperately need technology sabbaths.

Your pastor always needs your prayers, quite frankly, but this moment feels weightier. In my experience, a lot of people ask pastors to pray for them but very few ask “how can I pray for you?”

God’s eyes always see those who are suffering. God’s ears always hear when the downtrodden call out for help.

Episode 29 | 6/3/2020 TALKING LIKE BROTHERS ABOUT RACE A conversation with Joseph Harris In this episode, Noel talks with Joseph Harris, Coordinator of the Center of Diversity and Inclusion at DePauw University in Indiana and Ph.D. student in urban education literacy at Michigan State University. They talk about...

A few thoughts to my African American family at Riverview Church in light of George Floyd’s killing (everyone else is welcome to listen in, too).

Episode 28 | 5/27/2020 PLANTING THROUGH THE PAIN A conversation with Tim and Patty Kimberley In this episode, Noel talks with Acts 29 church planters Tim and Patty Kimberley. They share about their journey from the Northwest to the Midwest and how they experienced the grace of God through some difficult...

When we believe in Jesus, He begins making us into His Church. We, together, become His dwelling place. We are a living house because He lives in us.

As followers of Jesus we are changed people. The way we do everything--the way we obey or the way we civilly disobey--should be different than the world around us.

As followers of Jesus, we are fully perfected in God’s sight and at the same time are being made holy. But sometimes it doesn’t feel that way, right?