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In this book, the authors lay out nine examples of ways that we may (and probably do) misread the Bible because of our western culture.

Help My Unbelief by Barnabas Piper is a great read for those of us (probably all of us) who wonder why God "reveals Himself to us in a way that sparks questions rather than settles all of them."

Jesus Wins by Dayton Hartman is the end times book I have been looking for.

There are few things more excruciating than listening to a boring sermon. That’s why I was so thrilled as I read Preaching That Moves People by my friend (and fantastic preacher) Yancey Arrington.

Hey, everyone. Hope you had a great July! I enjoyed my low-tech month by doing a bit of reading (I’ll put a list of books I read this month at the bottom of this post in case you care about that sort of thing), a bit of baseball travel, and a bit of nerding out on the differences between translations of the Bible (more...