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You are eternally loved by God and you are eternally in His eyes perfect. At the same time, you will not be surprised when you are not perfect and other Christians around you are not perfect either.

We often don’t think of our sins as that big of a deal, but every sin deserves the penalty of death. Every sin is so severe that someone had to pay the price. Jesus, our perfect, eternal God made that offering on our behalf and gives us His inheritance.

There are two types of rest that each one of us desperately needs, and the way to that rest is the same for both. Stop trying to do any other work and believe.

We can’t face temptation alone; we can’t face suffering alone; we can’t face death alone; we can’t face any of this alone. We need other people in our lives.

Jesus has set you free from the fear of death.

When your thinking contradicts what God says, who moves? Do you move? Or does God move?

We must acknowledge sin as sin before the dawn can rise in our lives as Jesus brings us from darkness to the light of His salvation.

When you forgive, you preach the Gospel to a hurting world.

Jesus is the one who gave up everything He had so that He could buy the treasure; you are the treasure.

One of the best opportunities you have to represent Jesus is when someone does you wrong.