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We give because we are on the same mission as Jesus. This clip is from a message on 1 Chronicles called Three Houses. You can watch the entire message here.

Jesus is the ultimate answer to the question, “does anyone see me, does anyone care?”

How long are you going to wait to decide what it is that you believe? ¬†This clip is from a message on 1 Kings called “How Long will you Limp?” You can watch the whole message here.

The secret about a secret is that your secret ain’t a secret.

We don’t have to be on this journey of self-deception any longer.

The way that God shows His love for the hurting and marginalized is through His church.

The only way to be made right with God is through Jesus.

Will you stand where God stands? Will you live as God has called you to live?

There is a gap between us and God because of our sin. But faith in Jesus closes that gap for us.

"I just don't wanna" melts away in the face of Jesus.