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When you forgive, you preach the Gospel to a hurting world.

Jesus is the one who gave up everything He had so that He could buy the treasure; you are the treasure.

One of the best opportunities you have to represent Jesus is when someone does you wrong.

I had a great time talking with Amber Boone about the shocking nature of God’s grace toward jacked up people like us.

Whatever it is you're searching for, the most desperate need you have is for Jesus to forgive you of your sins.

The good news of the Gospel is that Jesus came to set us free.

I'm stoked to launch into a new series this weekend at Riv where we are going to talk about what we hope God does through us over the next five years.

As a follower of Jesus, you are both a Wretch and a Saint.

If Jesus truly is super-supreme and first place in everything (and He is), then we need to let the fences fall in our life and give Him control. 

Here are two questions to ask if you are seeking God’s will about a decision you need to make.