Post-Christian America?

By Noel Jesse  •  Mar 2, 2018 at 12:17pm  •  Article, Friday Random Linkness

Happy Friday! Here are five random links for you.

What Should Ministry Look Like in Post-Christian America?

“In many parts of the country—and across the digital landscape—Christians encounter increased skepticism and hostility. As it becomes less socially advantageous to wear the “Christian” label, fewer people are doing so.”

2018 Best Affordable Places to Live

Best Affordable City to Live in the US? Not too shabby, Lansing, not too shabby. #lovelansing

Three Ways to Engage with the Gospel

A more biblical understanding of vertical integration and our engagement with the gospel can have tangible impacts on how we grow in understanding and applying the Good News.

Why Black Panther Matters

Black Panther is “not just a movie, it’s a significant cultural moment like we have yet to see.

Don’t Just Lead Well, Follow Well

Check out this fantastic article on being a good follower.

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