There Was A Concerning Spike In Certain Google Searches Right After The Eclipse

This is the most insane beatbox I have ever seen.

My Life as a Suburban Church Planter

“I know it looks like lots of people are moving back into the city, with their ironic moustaches and alarmingly tight trousers, but the re-inhabiting of urban spaces is a complex and costly exercise and isn’t keeping track with people just trying to get to the suburbs for some peace and quiet.”

A Crazy Swarm Of Mosquitos Completely Taking Over A Car Looks Like Something Out Of A Horror Film

Hey, kids. Don’t leave the lights on in your car at night when the window is cracked open.

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"To follow him is worth giving up everything."

(adjective) chosen without method or conscious decision

Also, about Bathsheba's bad rep and Texas' big tires.